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Irrigation Watering Systems

water irrigation systems

The design phase of a new landscape and garden design is the perfect time to consider an automated irrigation watering system. But why consider a watering system when you can just water the garden yourself?

Water Consumption

The South East Queensland climate is not immune to the changes felt around the world. Gone are the reliable high rainfall seasons of 20 years ago. Today, we pay for the water we use and automated watering systems can be tailored to suit your exacting garden needs. No more wastage and reduced water consumption.

Time Savings & Reliability

As you may well know, watering is best suited to certain times of the day to reduce evapouration. However our fast-paced lifestyles ensure we're not always available to water the gardents at the perfect times. Automated watering systems are never late, they never miss a day. In fact, modern watering systems are intelligent enough to sense rainfall and hold back irrigation when it's not required.

Precision Irrigation

The biggest advantage of irrigation systems is water conservation through the use of precision sprinkers and drip feeds. Your plants and gardens receive all the water they require and no water is wasted from overlapping or irrigating unwanted areas.

Save Time & Money

You appreciate your time and money yes? Well an automated watering system for your newly landscaped gardens will save both in abundance. It's the smart way to keep your home paradise in perfect condition and conserve our precious water resources.

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Get water smart and give A&R Evergreen a call today to incorporate an automated watering system into your lanscape. Contact details are found in the web site's footer (bottom of each web page).

Landscape Design Awards 2012

Landscape Queensland Construction Awards 2012

Landscape Queensland Construction Awards Finalist

Landscape Queensland is the peak industry body that represents the interests of the states landscape

 and garden maintenance contractors, designers and suppliers.

A&R Evergreen were Landscape Queensland Construction Awards finalists in all three categories entered:-

1. Design and Construction – Residential over $80,000

2. Design and Construction – Residential 1 – up to $40,000

3. Design and Construction – Residential 2 – up to $80,000


Landscape Queensland Construction Awards 2014


A&R Evergreen picked up two awards at the 2014 Landscape Queenslands awards night. 


1. Residential 4- A & R Evergreen - East Brisbane 'Hanworth House' Highly Commended

2. Landscape Industry Apprentice of the Year Award - Ian Ling - nominated by Horticultural Training




A&R Evergreen were Landscape Queensland Construction Awards finalists in all three categories entered in 2014.

1. Construction – Residential 1 – up to $40,000                              

2. Design and Construction – Residential 2 – up to $80,000

3. Design and Construction – Residential 2 – $120,000 plus      





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